Columban College, Inc.

The seal of Columban College bears the Celtic cross surrounded by the name of the school. Across it is St. Columban's motto "Christi Simus Non Nostri" or "We Are Christ's Not Our Own" in English. The Celtic cross is sometimes called a "Wheel Cross" because of the circle at the center connecting the beams. The circle is a symbol for God whom unites all men in His love. The cross represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and Savior, who is the foundation of our Christian life. He is the One who ennobles man, gives meaning to human life and is the model we present to our students.

Columban College, Inc.


A leading educational institution in the holistic formation of
students and professionals who are to become Christ-centered
and service-oriented.


To produce gradates who are equipped with Christian values,
knowledge, and skills to excel in life and to serve others.

Goals and Objectives

Develop intellectual independence and servant leadership in an
environment of excellence and relevance through constructive use of
potentials and capabilities of students and professionals who are
responsive to local and global society.

Core Values

Christian Character

Columban College Hymn

Step together brave and free
Students of Columban we
Know that we can lead the way
In the land we love today.

Dedicated to promote the good
Faith in God guides our endeavor
Faith, hope, love for all
We can serve and lead together
We are Christ's and His forever.

Mary helps us on the way
Mary helps us everyday
For we love hes only Son
We are Christ's and not our own.

Step together never fear
God is good and God is near
Never left to fight alone
We are Christ's and not our own.

"We Are Christ's Not Our Own"

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