Guidance & Testing Services


  1. Information - provides the most needed assistance to students, faculty and parents on the different aspects like educational, personal, moral, emotional and psychosocial necessary to deal effectively with everyday obstacles and challenges.
  2. Testing - uses standardized tests from Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) and Asian Psychological Services and Assessment Inc. (APSA) to obtain measures of abilities, achievement, aptitude or other characteristics that will offer a solid basis for decision-making.
  3. Career Guidance - provides assistance to students through counseling and consultation for their career development and vocation choices.
  4. Counseling - the heart of the Guidance Program which is a one-on-one relationship that allows the client to gain a better understanding of himself and his environment and eventually will help him improve his way of life.
  5. Referral and Follow-up-cases - not within the counselors’ expertise are referred to experts or offices concerned and/or to community agencies and private practitioners for special cases. Follow-up service encourages students to perform well and meet the requirements of the current program.
  6. Training and Supervision - provides venue for practicumers in Guidance and Counseling, Research and Measurement courses; continued peer facilitator training program for college students who are prospective leaders in their department and a continued seminar programs for faculty for academic updating, personality enhancement and professionalism.
  7. Research and Evaluation - aims to diagnose students abilities, aptitude and achievements based on the results of the tests administered; provides department heads bases for interventions and enhancement programs; and, offers a yearly profile of students.
  8. Community Service - provides extension programs and services to Columban College Community Extension Programs and Services.

Guidance & Testing Services


The Guidance and Testing Center envisions itself as a holistic formator of students and professionals who are to become competent community leaders and service-oriented individuals equipped with human development, knowledge and skills.


The Guidance and Testing Center is committed to assist students and professionals who are to become psychologically-balanced, well-adjusted, self-directed, productive, responsible, God-fearing and environment-caring individuals equipped with human development skills to cope with intra and interpersonal challenges in life.


  1. To assist student acquire self-understanding, respect for human dignity, integration and better modes of action.
  2. To develop among students and professionals psychological independence and leadership in an environment of service.
  3. To develop among teachers competency and sharpened personal interest for them to recognize their indispensable role in the guidance program of the school.

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